Rectifying Evolution and Geneaology

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Sat Jul 13 12:26:00 CDT 2002

P.S.  My spell-checker had no problem with "geneaology"; but for some reason
it didn't like "Geneaology" (capital-G) -- it suggested "Genealogy" (without
the first 'o'). My copy of Webster's (1956) only shows the version with one
'o'.  The ultimate test (a Google search), yielded 29,000 hits for
"geneaology", but over 9 million hits for "genealogy".  While the one 'o'
version definitely seems to be more correct, it seems that the two 'o'
version is in enough common use, that Tom and I can be excused for our

(or is this a color/colour thing?)

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