Term for +ACI-handedness+ACI- in Arisaema?

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Stearn's Botanical Latin covers terms for twining in vines: volubilis
dextrorsum, volubilis sinistrorsum (fig. 30 pg. 335), perhaps that could be
adapted?  Words meaning to wrap around include:

amicio -icire -icui or -ixi -ictum [to clothe , wrap round, wrap up, cover,

focale -is n. [a wrapper for the neck].

involucrum -i n. [a wrap , cover].

involvo -volvere -volvi -volutum [to roll in or on; to envelop , wrap up,
cover]. Hence partic. involutus -a -um, [rolled up; involved].

laena -ae f. [cloak , wrap].

obvolvo -volvere -volvi -volutum [to wrap up , cover all round].

At 09:00 PM 7/18/02 -0700, Pacific Rim Native Plants wrote:
>Arisaema spathes wrap sometimes to the right,  sometimes to the
>left. Can anyone give me a good botanical term for this? A
>picture showing
>the phenomenon in A. candidissimum is at
>The cause of this +ACI-handedness+ACI- also interests me, but I suspect
>that is beyond the official realm of discussion on Taxacom. 8-)
>Paige Woodward

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