Term for +ACI-handedness+ACI- in Arisaema?

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Fri Jul 19 16:51:33 CDT 2002

     I'm not a botanist, but having had a heavy background in biochemistry,
I would probably use the terms that biochemists use for "handedness" (in
molecules):  levorotatory and dextrorotatory.
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>Subject: Re: Term for +ACI-handedness+ACI- in Arisaema?
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>Perhaps 'dextral' and 'sinistral' would be appropriate adjectives.
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>Subject: Term for +ACI-handedness+ACI- in Arisaema?
>+AD4- Arisaema spathes wrap sometimes to the right,  sometimes to the
>+AD4- left. Can anyone give me a good botanical term for this? A
>+AD4- picture showing
>+AD4- the phenomenon in A. candidissimum is at
>+AD4- http://www.hillkeep.ca/bulbs+ACU-20arisaema.htm.
>+AD4- The cause of this +ACI-handedness+ACI- also interests me, but I
>+AD4- that is beyond the official realm of discussion on Taxacom. 8-)
>+AD4- Paige Woodward
>+AD4- paige+AEA-hillkeep.ca
>+AD4- www.hillkeep.

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