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Hello Davide,

Now that PAUP* deals in multiple optimality criteria the gfit option
has been moved under the pscores command.  For example:

pscores 1/gfit;

Will give you the gfit measure for the first tree in memory.

The menu equivalent is Trees > Tree scores ... > parsimony ...

The measure is pretty straight forward.

For all characters, sum: (k+1)/(s+k+1-m)

k = constant of concavity
s= length (number of steps) required by the characters on the tree
being evaluated
m= minimum amount of change that the character may show on any conceivable tree

Increasing k simply changes the relationship between the consistency
and the weight for a given character, such that less consistent
characters are down-weighted less with larger values of k.

The method is that of Goloboff (1993) and is described in greater detail in:

Goloboff, P. A.  1993.  Estimating character weights during tree
search.  Cladistics 9: 83-91.

Let me know if I need to go into greater detail.


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>Can anyone out there explain me please how is calculated in PAUP the index
>G-FIT which appears in CHARACTER DIAGNOSTICS (an option of DESCRIBETREES)?
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