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Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
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The pedant in me cannot resist - these are more correctly called
abbreviations; acronyms are "abbreviations" that correspond to words (or,
words that are derived from a longer phrase).  Thus, SMUK might be an
acronym (pronounced "smuck") but CNC or ASPT would be abbreviations.
Isn't "taxacom" an acronym for "taxonomic communication?"


Andrew Smith wrote:

> Dear Robin
> In my opinion, as long as the acronyms are clearly defined in the
> paper, it doesn't really matter if different authors use different
> variations (CNC vs. CNCI, SMUK vs. SEMC, BM vs. BMNH etc.).  The four
> letter standards I often use can be found on the Bishop Museum
> (otherwise known as the BPBM) website at:
> Sincerely,
> Andrew
> >Hi Taxacomers,
> >
> >Does anyone have access to an approved/accepted list of acronyms for
> >the world's museums?  Is it on a website somewhere where I can take
> >a peek?
> >
> >I know that one had the acronym SMUK (Snow Museum, University of
> >Kansas), but that this was somehow later turned around.
> >
> >In particular, I am under the impression that all, or perhaps most
> >all, museums were to be designated with a 4-letter acronym.  The one
> >in Ottawa used to be CNC (Canadian National Collection) - full stop.
> >Then I heard/read that it is now the CNCI (Canadian National
> >Collection of Insects).
> >
> >Can anyone confirm for me if the latter is now correct?
> >
> >Robin Leech
> >Edmonton, Alberta
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