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Wed Jul 24 11:51:39 CDT 2002

Thanks, one and all, for the abbrev./acronym/codon/ or whatever supplied by so many.  Perhaps the lack of agreement here, and the lack of a standardized system for zoology indicates that this is an area where we on Taxacom should try to put up a unified system, as the Botanists have (pointed out by one person).

I do not know what it is in biologists that makes us such mavericks.  A few weeks ago, at a Board of Directors meeting of the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, I commented on an observation I had made:

If there is an engineering problem, and there are 10 engineers, somehow, they come together to solve the problem the best way.  On the other hand, if there is a biological problem, and there are 10 biologists, there will be 10 solutions, and no one is willing to give to another.  

I commented further that I did not know if it was the training of engineers that made them be able to work together, or whether people who can work together go into engineering.  Conversely, I do not know if it is the training for independent work that makes maverick biologists, or whether mavericks go into biology.

The comment from the Treasurer of the ASPB said that a friend of his had said, "Getting biologists to work together is like trying to herd cats!"  


Robin Leech

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