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> >I would like to know what is the procedure to standardize museum acronyms
> >zoology?
> Just do it...

For a start, you might want to look at

Since the 80's herpetologists and ichthyologists gathered and published
abbreviation lists from the published literature. From the introduction:
"Many abbreviations used for specimen collections in the species database
are standard ones usually cited in systematic papers on fishes; some are
summarized in Leviton et al. (1985). Some have changed, such as ZIL, for
Zoological Institute St. Petersburg, with the change in name of the city,
and many abbreviations have been added or modified since Leviton et al. In
other cases, more than one abbreviation may be in current use for a
collection. There are over 400 fish collections containing type specimens.
If an abbreviation occurs in the species database and does not appear in our
list of abbreviations, then you are directed to the original literature
source. Also, some collections may appear under more than one abbreviation"

The Catalog of Fishes On-Line
"This February 2000 Catalog is more recent than the hardbound printed
edition (April, 1998)-a 3-volume set of 2,905 pp. and a CD-ROM. Many errors
have been corrected and new additions made in the on-line version. Treated
in the "Catalog of Fishes" are about 55,000 described species and subspecies
(= species) of fishes, about 10,300 genera and subgenera (= genera) of
fishes, and about 20,000 references. Approximately 4,000 of the species
names are not available for use because of technical reasons. About 26,000
species are valid ones, and about 25,000 are synonyms. About 200-300 new
species are being described each year. Included in the on-line version are
all species, genera, and references, along with the classification,
introduction, and list of museum abreviations. Other parts of the printed
version are not .......

Good luck...

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