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Actually we buy rolls of 10,000 prenumbered barcodes at a time. They are
much cheaper than printing them ourselves and they make sure that we don't
have duplicates. Our OCR software actually reads them as a part of our data
entry process so they work as an error checking device and a separate
numbering system that is much more reliable than Accession numbers for us.
Most of our accession numbers are hand written so the software can read the
barcode both as a zebra stripe and as text but it can't read the accession
number usually.

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>>>>You wouldn't believe how quickly and efficiently I can now get a bunch
of data into the computer. Reading codes off labels and typing them by hand
is horribly inefficient (and error prone), <<<<

I don't understand.  Doesn't somebody have to read data and type it into
whatever machine creates the barcode label?  Why is typing into a barcode
generator any faster or more accurate than typing into a computer that
generates a human-readable label?  I keep hearing error reduction and rapid
data entry as a big issue in favor of bar codes, but never understood it.
You still have to get the data into a machine that will associate them with
an identifier code (catalogue number, bar code, whatever).  If all you're
getting from the barcode label is a number, where/how do you match that
number up to collection and preparation data?  If you're getting those data
from the barcode reader, somebody had to enter them at some point, didn't

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