Grad Assistantships in Entomology

Andrew Smith asmith at UNLSERVE.UNL.EDU
Thu Jul 25 12:17:22 CDT 2002

>*Graduate Student Assistantships in Systematic Entomology*
>The Division of Entomology of the University of Nebraska State Museum
>offers a Ph.D. and a M.S. research assistantship to study the systematics
>of scarab beetles.
>The research project is funded by the National Science Foundation and
>offers 4 years of Ph.D. graduate student support ($16,440 per year plus
>annual increases and paid tuition) or 2 years of M.S. graduate student
>support ($15,600 per year plus annual increases and paid tuition).  The
>research project will train the students in the systematics of scarab
>beetles, monography, and phylogenetics methods.  Relevant skills will be
>taught; applicants need not possess them, but previous experience will be
>an advantage in competition for the assistantships.  For information on the
>research in being conducted by "Team Scarab", see
>, and
>The successful applicants will have a strong commitment to systematic
>entomology and willingness to learn a range of systematics methods
>(comparative morphology, molecular techniques, phylogenetics, databasing,
>and biogeographic techniques). A willingness to conduct field research in
>the New World tropics is essential.  Proficiency in oral and written
>English required.  Applicants should have strong interest and prior
>experience with beetles.  Students will be expected to develop a research
>program on a poorly studied group of Neotropical scarabs.  Research will be
>under the supervision of Drs. Mary Liz Jameson and Brett Ratcliffe.  M.S.
>applicants should have a B.S. in biology (or equivalent); Ph.D. applicants
>should have an M.S. in entomology or biology (or equivalent).  Start
>date: 1 June 2003.
>For further information, contact:
>Dr. Mary Liz Jameson
>W436 Nebraska Hall
>University of Nebraska State Museum
>Lincoln, NE 68588-0514
>mjameson1 at
>For information on the University of Nebraska State Museum's Division of
>Entomology visit
>For information on the Graduate program in the University of Nebraska's
>Department of Entomology visit
>Mary Liz Jameson, PhD
>W436 Nebraska Hall
>University of Nebraska State Museum
>Lincoln, NE  68588-0514  USA
>Phone:  (402) 472-2664
>FAX:  (402) 472-8949
>email:  mjameson1 at

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