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But you are not suggesting that we all (everybody who got the 11
duplicates) enter in all the same info. associated with Guala 1003
(undoubtedly a very pretty grass)?  I thought that is what Julian was
saying, and it seems perfectly reasonable to deny funding in such


>Julian's point of different protocols for different disciplines is well
>taken. One point of contention though with regard to botanists. Firstly,
>they have figured out how to share info on duplicates - especially the
>Australian herbaria - they do this as a matter of course and they do it very
>efficiently.  The plan to communalize this information was a big reason for
>the funding that they got to database their collections. However, funding
>should definitely not be denied to those who choose to treat duplicate
>specimens as individual museum specimens with separate curatorial,
>annotation and use histories and needs. Ideally the data from duplicates
>should be linked across databases in this particular context but not
>transferred.  It all depends on the level of abstraction suitable for your
>particular use.
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