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Hi Doug,

I have had problems with some black pins (I do not remember the company),
mounting Carabidae. 6 months later the pin was completely rusted and the
insect fall, he litteraly eats the pin. I think those Carabidae were
collected with wine or vinegar.

I have used white pins with no problems. Will see in 100 years...



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> Robin Leech wrote:
> >Sometimes a verdigris forms with stainless pins.  I have never seen it
> >the
> >enameled, black pins.
> I'd *really* like to know what causes this, and whether it's true for
> modern-era stainless pins, and not just those pre-1960. I've seen
> serious cases where the pin corrodes right through, and I can't
> imagine why we'd want to use a pin that will fall apart in less than
> 100 years.
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