Where is Cape Thompson, AK?

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Hi Peter

A super big report on Cape Thompson was done back in 1966 .... The report
was apparently initiated as the result of an understandable [!!!] concern
over some hare-brained scheme by the U.S. Government to create cavitated
coastal harbours by exploding underground nucular bombs!!!

More than you may ever want to know about Cape Thompson, Alaska ...

"Environment of the Cape Thompson region, Alaska." Norman J. Wilimovsky,
editor. John N. Wolfe, associate editor. [Oak Ridge, Tenn.] : United States
Atomic Energy Commission, Division of Technical Information, 1966. xvi, 1250
p. : illus., maps (7 fold. in pocket (part col.)) ; 27 cm. Available as
PNE-181 from Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific and Technical Information,
National Bureau of Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield,

If you have a half-decent science library, they should have it ... ours


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Peter Hibbs wrote:

> I have a type with the locality information: Cape Thompson, Alaska. Does
> anyone know where this is? I've looked through a fairly comprehensive
> atlas and several online gazeteers (NIMA, USGS) but I haven't found it.
> I've found Thompson Pass and Thompson Passage, but no Cape Thompson, AK.
> Any help much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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