TAXA COMmunication, Re: Museum Acronyms

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Mon Jul 29 08:49:00 CDT 2002

>TAXACOM has "not ever actually 'done' anything" some 17785 times
>as of today, having done so for the past 12-plus years.

what can I say?  I suppose every little bit helps...  :)

>You have not ever actually 'done' anything at least 128 times

I rest my case...  :)

(BTW - who has done the least?   or should I say not done the most? )

>(What percentage of those 17785 postings do you suppose actually
>did "do" anything worthwhile?)

probably none of them... but maybe it could be argued they did keep
taxonomists off the streets and out of labs, herbaria and museums where
they could do real damage...

> > > My wife, Pat Eckel, invented the name for her proposed
> > > Botanical Latin translation service, and I begged it from her
> > > for the Bulletin Board System I had going then at the Buffalo
> > > Museum of Science. Jim Beach then asked if he could use it for
> > > his listserver, and we said fine. It is just "taxa" plus
> > > "com(munications)."

I stand humbled and corrected... but wish the record to show that Jim Beach
lured me off the streets under false pretenses with promises of truth and
enlightenment when he asked me to join all the whiz bang computing
discussions going on his listserv all those decades ago...


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