Hypseleotris sp.?

Gianluca Polgar polgar at ALFANET.IT
Mon Jul 29 12:22:08 CDT 2002

Dear all,

Does anybody know this fish?
http://www.alfanet.it/polgar/  (SL about 3,5 cm)

I've found it in Malaysia, Kuala Selangor Marine Nature Park.
Tide was rising and lots of these fishes where entering the mangal in
shallow marine water in a little creek that was growing on the forest
floor (transition low-high shore), together with other species like
little specimens of Strongylura strongylura (Beloniformes, Belonidae)
(visible in the photo of the glass jar).

Prof Sasekumar (Kuala Lumpur, Universiti Malaya), told me that this
is a very common species in this location and in Klang Strait
mangrove systems (Malaysia, Port Klang), often found at low tide in
tidal pools.
During another study on gobiids distribution on fishbase.org, I found
out that my specimens were very similar to Hypseleotris cyprinoides.
Unfortunately many pictures of this genus are unavailable on fishbase.

Does anyone have any clue?


Gianluca Polgar

Gianluca Polgar c/o prof L. Bullini
Dip. Gen. Biol. Mol. "Charles Darwin"
Univ. La Sapienza
Roma, Italy

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