Article 8.1.1 of ICZN

Tue Jul 30 18:12:55 CDT 2002

Dear members,
since my last request about the taxonomic validity (see 'for the code
warrior') of a curious created new taxon in a hobby-journal (thanks to Dr. F.
Christian Thompson and Dr. Ron Gatrelle for helpful response) I am puzzling
about which criterions must fulfil by a journal to be under article 8.1.1 of
ICZN. In other words is a "hobby-journal" simply not a scientific
publications for the permanent scientific record and all taxa that described
in it are nomina nuda?
It would be very helpful to get an answer of the following:
is a taxon available if the hobby-journal:
1)  is  covered by Zoological Records
2)  is recognized by an ISSN-number
3)  is not stored in international nor even in local libraries.
4)  usually published only reports and news of a hobby-society (not stored in
libraries) and unexpected its include sometimes poor description of new

I hope that I explain what I am thinking about. Any response is welcome.

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