Article 8.1.1 of ICZN

Hendrik Segers hendrik.segers at RUG.AC.BE
Wed Jul 31 10:24:32 CDT 2002

Dear colleague,

In my experience, the publication criteria that have to be met before a name becomes available are very easy to meet. With respect to the concrete cases you mention, and assuming that other criteria are fulfilled, I'd say that names or nomenclatural acts published in any hobby-journal are available, unless there is a statement disclaiming the publication or name/act, or unless the work is suppressed. Coverage in Zool. Rec., ISSN, storage in any library, and other content of the journal are of no real relevance. It is hard to believe that any author, professional or not, would publish a new name, in any journal or even by producing an independent "publication" (there are examples of people who distributed sets of copied pages, nicely provided with an official-looking frontage) without the intention of providing a public and permanent scientific record, so art. 8.1.1. constitutes only a very weak filter. By the way, a nomen nudum is an available name published without any description or indication. If the criteria of publication or not met with, the name is unavailable. 

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From: "Ingo SCHINDLER" <Intyo at AOL.COM>
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Subject: Article 8.1.1 of ICZN

> Dear members,
> since my last request about the taxonomic validity (see 'for the code
> warrior') of a curious created new taxon in a hobby-journal (thanks to Dr. F.
> Christian Thompson and Dr. Ron Gatrelle for helpful response) I am puzzling
> about which criterions must fulfil by a journal to be under article 8.1.1 of
> ICZN. In other words is a "hobby-journal" simply not a scientific
> publications for the permanent scientific record and all taxa that described
> in it are nomina nuda?
> It would be very helpful to get an answer of the following:
> is a taxon available if the hobby-journal:
> 1)  is  covered by Zoological Records
> 2)  is recognized by an ISSN-number
> 3)  is not stored in international nor even in local libraries.
> 4)  usually published only reports and news of a hobby-society (not stored in
> libraries) and unexpected its include sometimes poor description of new
> species.
> I hope that I explain what I am thinking about. Any response is welcome.
> Thanks,

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