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'Scriba' is listed as the author of numerous insects, including beetles, in
the 1700s. Maybe the same name?


>Dear Taxacomers,
>I've got a number of beetle specimens from the Forschungsinstitut
>Senckenberg (SMFD) in Frankfurt that have the term 'Scriba' on their labels:
>Ostreich Scriba
>Babenbau- sen, Scriba
>Hassia, Scriba
>Oberlais Scriba
>Calvados Scriba
>Hessen Scriba
>Hildesheim Scriba
>Stuttgart Scriba
>Wimpfen, Scriba
>Ungarn Scriba
>I've determined that Scriba means 'scribe' in latin (public? scribe). Does
>anyone know why it is on all these labels? They lack dates but appear to be
>all from the late 1800s and early 1900s. One possibility is that the labels
>were written/printed by a 'scribe' hired by the collector/curator? Or
>perhaps this is a collector's name?
>Derek Sikes
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