Internet Key to Nearctic genera of Eulophidae (except Tetrastichinae) now available

Roger Burks rogerburks at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Jun 2 21:51:47 CDT 2002

I have completed my Internet key to Nearctic genera of Eulophinae,
Euderinae, and Entedoninae. It is available for browsing at

Try if that doesn't
work (damned extended characters).

Although the genera of Tetrastichinae are not keyed as of yet, it is keyed
in the subfamily key. The world genera of Eulophidae may eventually be
keyed as well, but that project has proven difficult because of the many
obscure genera that I have not found specimens of yet.

Also included is a comparative guide to genera, including diagnoses, that
takes advantage of many possible non-linear and other unusual approaches to
identification. I have made every effort to construct as thorough and
accurate a key as possible, and I hope that format of the key and generic
guide will set a trend for the production of better keys in general. An
extensive bibliography is included, and I hope that all images and
information have been appropriately cited (let me know if you don't think so).

I plan to make similar keys to other groups, mainly Chalcidoidea, including
Pteromalidae especially. This key (and all others I make) will always be an
ongoing project, and shall be updated whenever I am made aware of new and
relevant information. I cannot stress enough how important it is that all
interested parties make me aware of any mistakes in this key, and of any
new information that they may have. I will not, however, mention names of
Eulophids that have not yet been published according to ICZN rules, at
least until the journal article containing their description is available
in libraries. I encourage any feedback regarding this key and others that I
am writing.

Roger A. Burks
Entomology Dept., University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

rogerburks at

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