Report from Convention on Biological Diversity regarding Global Taxonomy Initiative, etc.

Scott Miller miller.scott at NMNH.SI.EDU
Tue Jun 4 13:01:07 CDT 2002

>The final report from the recent Convention on Biological Diversity
>Meeting (CBD) is now available for downloading from as
>document UNEP/CBD/COP/6/20 -- Decisions of the Parties to the Convention
>on Biological Diversity at its Sixth Meeting, The Hague, April 2002.
>This huge document provides the international policy framework, and
>guidance to international funding agencies, in many areas of interest to
>our community, including:
>Decision VI/5 -- Agricultural biological diversity -- page 77 (note the
>broad definition including ecosystem services)
>Decision VI/8 -- Global Taxonomy Initiative -- page 113
>Decision VI/9 -- Global Strategy for Plant Conservation -- page 142 (see
>also VI/29 paragraph 30)
>Decision VI/23 -- Alien invasive species -- page 240
>Decision VI/24 -- Access and benefit sharing related to genetic resources
>-- page 252
>As a participant in the meeting, I was especially pleased to see the
>tremendous support that the Global Taxonomy Initiative and Global Strategy
>for Plant Conservation received from the member governments.  The need for
>taxonomy, systematics, and biodiversity information has been recognized at
>the highest levels of international policy, and now we need to find ways
>to fund and implement the CBD decisions and programmes of work.  In
>practice, the parts of the document cited above can be used in grant
>proposals as linkages between international policy and specific proposed
>research and collections activities.


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