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I have a question related to this thread:

I am looking for a digital camera system to photograph microshells (in the
range of 1-8 mm in length). Recently I tested a Nikon Coolpix 990 attached
to a Nikon (SZM?-8000?) with a Nikon photo tube and attachment made
especially for the Coolpix 990. I like the camera a lot, but the photos
could be better (focus, color correction, etc). The problem seems to be the
critical focusing and loss of depth of field in higher magnification (about
60x). For flat subjects, like a histological slide or radula, the system I
used works well.

I am wondering if anyone would like to share their experience with digital
cameras and dissecting scopes. I am also wondering if the Nikon 5000 or
other cameras in the 5-6mp range could be used with bellows to photograph
these shells. Since these cameras have better lens, perhaps one could use
only part of the frame and then crop it (since there are enough pixels). Any

Finally, I have read about devices like Digital Wallet that are basically
consist of a portable hard drive (from 3 to 20 Gb) that can copy the
contents of flash media (CompactFlash, MicroDrive, SmartMedia, Multimedia
cards, and perhaps also Memory Stick). The idea is that you take only need
one card and one Digital Wallet on a long trip or field, and dump all your
files to the "wallet", without needing to carry a laptop. The idea is great,
but do these gadgets work well? Has anyone on this list tried these
"wallets" (a similar product is called "Image Bank")?

Aloha,  Fabio

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