NATURE to save taxonomy!

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Check out my "On the Present Revolution" for an explanation of why the
Phylocode is so attractive to so many:

Click on the amusing yet edifying "Explanation" of why it appears on the Web
at this time.


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> Despite a few strident voices, I think the vast majority of practicing
> taxonomists are pretty well satisfied with how the system presently works.
> Like organisms themselves, it has evolved (evolution is a tinkerer!) to
> emerging needs, and so far the equilibrium of that evolution has not been
> punctuated.
> If we are to make a sudden and great departure from the way we work now,
> like the Phylocode or some centralized system of names registration, it
> seems to me that it is up to the proponents of such change to make an
> overwhelming case that the problems are very serious indeed, and that the
> remedies they want are the ones we need.
> So far, I don't see it, and neither, I believe, do most of my colleagues.
> So, while this action by NATURE adds another voice to the debate, it will
> probably have very little long-term effect.

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