Digitising works with expired copyrights

Eric Dunbar erdunbar at MAC.COM
Fri Jun 7 18:37:48 CDT 2002

> As Chris Thompson said many messages ago, there HAVE been
> efforts to make unified searchable databases, and to exhaustively
> list all of the species on earth (certainly not limited to the
> example above, which is one of the later entries).   There have not
> been *unified efforts* to make searchable databases (the difference

Hmmm. This leads me to a different train of thought. I know certain
institutions have scanned and placed L.'s work on-line (along with a few
other authors). Has anyone got around to doing more recent works (such as
for Eastern North America, Britton & Brown & Grey's Manual of Botany 7th
ed). I've always vowed to get Grey's 8th edition databased for quick & dirty
search capability (unfortunately can't disseminate it if I ever do).

The Gutenberg project is working on digitising works with expired
copyrights. Have any taxonomists or organisations endeavoured to piggyback
on the Gutenberg project with taxonomic works?


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