NATURE to save taxonomy? Yeah, right! What about funding?

Eric Dunbar erdunbar at MAC.COM
Mon Jun 10 12:28:38 CDT 2002

> I wonder if they are still caught up in the GenBank model, where sequences
> are expected to be submitted prior to (and often as a condition of)
> publication. If so, they are totally clueless about taxonomic publication,
> and it would be best if taxonomists refrained from publishing new names there.

Then again... who's going to pass up the exposure that a publication in
Nature brings? ;)

I think Nature's on the right track in stimulating discussion, even if their
proposal is weak (pre-prints vs. re-prints). The taxonomic community does
need a central repository(s) to keep tabs on, and give exposure to what it
is that is going on out there in taxonomy world.

The ones who participate in the design of and the voting on the Codes really
do need to get off their sorry derrieres and make the work of taxonomists
available [through a code-established or endorsed protocol] to
internet-savvy people outside of taxonomy.

It is my impression (intuition) that those same people are also the ones
with the experience and the ability to lobby funding institutions for the
necessary funds.

Good luck ya'll.

Sincerely, Eric.

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