Oreobolus biogeography

John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Jun 10 16:27:37 CDT 2002

For anyone interested to provide comment, I have drafted a manuscript
comparing Seberg's (1986) vicariance cladistic analysis of the plant genus
Oreobolus with a panbiogeographic approach. This draft, along with maps, is
posted at:


The comparison is presented, not surprisingly, in a manner favorable to the
application of the panbiogeographic method. The posted outline will provide
the basis for a paper to be submitted for publication. I would be grateful
for any comments, particularly on my representation of vicariance cladistic
perspectives, and on any factual items (hopefully I have not made any
grievous blunder). The posting represents the first complete draft so I
expect the paper will evolve further in due course. If anyone has trouble
connecting to the above address try linking to the page via the Pacific
tracks page.

All feedback will be gratefully acknowledged in the submitted paper.

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