Amphibian biogeography

John R. Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Wed Jun 12 13:30:46 CDT 2002

I've posted some biogeographic maps for a range of amphibian families.
These maps are primarily at the level of trans-oceanic relationships.
Baselines are designated on the basis of information  extracted primarily
from the book Herpetology (1998, Pough et al). Some baselines are most
definitely provisional (e.g. some of the Pacific baselines) and such cases
are commented on. I admit up front that the posted examples are based on a
fairly superficial consideration for the most part. If I had more time to
investigate the phylogenetic structure of the families it may be possible
to assign these patterns with more confidence. At least these maps will
give herpetological biogeographers some ideas of the spatial possibilities.
I will make a start into reptiles in the near future.

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