one vs. many journals (Re: Response from NATURE)

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Fri Jun 14 16:18:32 CDT 2002

What do you see as the overwhelming advantage to having taxonomic
publications scattered throughout several hundred journals that leads
you to prefer this over  having everything published in one central,
universally-accessible place?

Different journals have different foci, serve different audiences, and
are written in different languages. I like things that way. The
description of a new taxon may be a small, but significant, portion of a
paper. Leave it in. I do not see any particular advantage to setting up
a single taxonomy publication place - and would be concerned about the
people in charge then becoming a bottleneck, while having the best of

Wouldn't you feel *better* if you (and every other grass taxonomist in
the world, for that matter) got to see every single such paper *before*
it was published, and all had the chance to make comments?

No.  a) Sounds like a sure fire way to get papers bogged down in endless
comments. I am not convinced there would be a concomitant increase in
value.  b) There is a limit to how many opinions I want to read. It
seems to me that it is my job to form my own opinion - if the group is
of interest to me. 

[Answers based on the assumption that anyone could ask to be notified
about their favorite group, not just me].

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