Basionym in Zoology?

Nozomi Ytow nozomi at BIOL.TSUKUBA.AC.JP
Mon Jun 17 09:07:25 CDT 2002

Dear Rich,

> I see two problems with using this term for my application, one trivial,

I don't think your first one is trivial at all. :-)

> 1) Is this term somehow *restricted* to botanical use, or would the term
> carry over to represent its corrsponding concept in zoological and microbial
> nomenclature as well?

I'm not sure whether it is "restricted", but it is not included in
ICZN.  If you use basonym in zoological pbulications, some readers
would not understand its meaning.  I've ever see confusion between
botanical basionym and microbial basonym also.

> 2) Would there be another term (besides "Original Description") that I might
> consider for this purpose?

If you do not need to restrict to "original", secundum (or sec.) has
been proposed by Berendsohn (1995? one of his papaers in TAXON).


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Institute of Biological Sciences / Gene research center
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