Protolog is fine for zoology too

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Wed Jun 19 10:19:04 CDT 2002

>[So, tell ALL that their E-Type Initative should be "E-Protolog" Initative
>and include digitalization of the original protolog along with the type
>specimen(s), labels, etc.] :-) :-)

By the time the ALL E-Type initiative integrates access to type images and
associated data and metadata such as details of the place of publication,
locations of type material and images and text of the original
descriptions, etc. themselves, it will indeed be an electronic catalogUE of

But I kind of like the handle 'E-Type'... it is reminiscent of the
quintessential sports car, the only Jaguar worth driving and a metaphor for
what the project needs to be - bold, assertive, sleek and fast... oh, and I
want it in red...  :)


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