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David Morris dmorris at INHS.UIUC.EDU
Thu Jun 20 11:03:17 CDT 2002

Greetings Colleagues,

I am trying to get some feedback on good digital camera/software
packages for photographing microslide-mounted insect specimens.  I
have a little experience with a video camera/AutoMontage package but,
despite this being an outstanding solution to the problem, it is
beyond our current budget (we are looking to spend somewhere between
2,000 and 7,000 USD).
We are working with small insects (0.5-15mm), and need some sort of
camera that we can attach to our compound microscope that will
produce high-resolution images under a range of magnifications.  It
has been suggested that a digital camera can provide better
resolution that and similarly priced video camera.
I would be very interested to hear from others who have dealt with
this problem in the past in order to try and find a solution that is
both affordable, and appropriate for our requirements.

I must also apologise for cross postings, and for raising a subject
which, I am sure, crops up fairly regularly on these discussion


David Morris

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