Catalog / protolog versus Catalogue / protologue

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Thu Jun 20 09:46:39 CDT 2002

Chris Thompson wrote:

>So, why hold onto a thousand year old vestigial appendix? drop the
>terminal "ue" It is a matter of evolution and progress, not simply
>wanting to be different.

I know, this is a *really* trivial thread, but:

Chris, when you use "catalog" as a *VERB*, how do you spell the past tense?

I've never seen it any other way than "catalogued". You have to
admit, if you saw it spelled "cataloged" it would grate upon the
nerves (and it wouldn't be pronounced as a hard "g" then - to get it
right, it'd have to be "catalogged").

That's why I personally like to retain the -ue when using the word as
a verb, but not when using it as a noun. Not conventional, but it

Never trust the media for spelling or grammar, either. I've seen the
word "orientate" in the media - including NATURE, in fact. If you buy
that word, then I'd like to invitate you to presentate your arguments
in favor - while I consume a fermentated beverage and lamentate the
demise of the language. Won't that be excitating! ;-)


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