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> In Canada, your cheque is checked, but in the US your check is checked.
> Further:
> dependent is a verb or adjective
> dependant is a noun
> license is a verb
> licence is a noun
> meter is an instrument
> metre is a unit of length of 100 cm
> Undsowieder.
> Robin Leech, Edmonton, Alberta

Then there are people lick me.  One of the world's werst spellers - no
matter what the language.  So to me this is like nomenclature vs. taxonomy
vs. systematics -  are we talking about words (spelling) or words

Communication should be our bottom line.  Also, sometimes we "scientists"
just like to use some words (terms) because they sound complicated and more
intellectual.  Even the Catholic Church finally wised up and largely gave
up Latin mass for the sake of communication.   In this case I think
protolog(ue) is a good word - I even think that as an Editor (there is an
oxymoron - I = editor), we will start using it rather than "description".
Of course many (perhaps) most won't no whet that are.

Balmy salutations
Ron Gatrelle

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