Catalog / protolog versus Catalogue / protologue

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> Chris Thompson wrote:
> >So, why hold onto a thousand year old vestigial appendix? drop the
> >terminal "ue" It is a matter of evolution and progress, not simply
> >wanting to be different.
> I know, this is a *really* trivial thread, but:
> Chris, when you use "catalog" as a *VERB*, how do you spell the past
> I've never seen it any other way than "catalogued". You have to
> admit, if you saw it spelled "cataloged" it would grate upon the
> nerves (and it wouldn't be pronounced as a hard "g" then - to get it
> right, it'd have to be "catalogged").
As the resident illiterate, this is right up my allay.  Yes, catalogged
would be the best choice but cattleoged is alos one we would utilize from
time to time.  And lets be carefull what we call trivial.  My mother
trivialed at lot in birthing me into the world.

Hoping to bring some sonshine in our musty lives :-)
Love ya all

PS    Well !!!   This is interesting.  In spell checking this post to make
sure I had the words misspelled as intended, when it came to the word
catalogged the spell checker popped up with  * cataloged *.   This prompted
me to go back and spell check Doug's * catalogued * .    The result is that
_both_ words (spellings) come as is in my Microsoft spell checker.

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