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Thu Jun 20 21:39:41 CDT 2002

Sorry: not true. The latest revision of the Dutch spelling (five years back)
set "bureau" as the official spelling, reversing the earlier support for

This spelling revision was no thing of beauty, making a particular mess of
common names for plants (a Dutch-Belgian biological committee being
instituted to straighten things out). Howerver language revisions do also bring some good things. For instance when the Dutch now write about a language this no longer is being
capitalised, so we write about the "english language" (not "English
language"). This definitely is a relief and improves readability.

Best, Paul van Rijckevorsel

BTW: my Webster dictionary allows both "catalogue" and "catalog" as verbs,
while my Longman accepts only "catalogue" as a verb, although accepting both
as nouns.

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From: Eric Dunbar <erdunbar at MAC.COM>

> The Dutch have undergone an interesting transformation in the past two
> decades in what is considered acceptable and official spelling. Bureau
> (desk) is now spelled buro (as are other such words as cadeau
(present/gift) = kado). 

> Sorry for the digression.
> Eric.

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