Digital X-ray images?

Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Fri Jun 21 07:54:05 CDT 2002

One of our projects has involved the production of low intensity x-ray film
images of leaves of rainforest trees and shrubs to sow details of vascular
tissue that is often occluded by various layers of other tissue in fresh or
dried material.

This is a fairly standard technique not uncommonly used in
botany.  Traditionally images have been captured on b&w contact film which
makes the process a bit messy, expensive and time consuming.

Given that the ultimate destination of these images is digital media, I was
wondering if there is any reasonably priced technology out there that would
enable us to capture the x-ray images of internal leaf structure directly
to a digital camera, bypassing the chemical film intermediate step completely.

Is there any other high throughput technology that can achieve the same or
similar result?


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