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Fri Jun 21 10:26:51 CDT 2002

Geoff Read wrote:
> Hi,
> A letter in this week's Nature (20 June), claims that "The current version of
> the Zoological Code officially recognizes new names posted on websites as
> long as five hard copies are deposited in libraries" and adds "The resultant
> mess will take decades to clear up."
> This is (I thought) untrue, since Article 9.8 excludes primary publication on
> www.  The nearest thing to ad lib publishing under the zoo code is CDrom.

Agreed - Article 9 starts with the words "Notwithstanding the provisions of
Article 8..." and specifically prohibits WWW publications in 9.8.

It is rather unfortunate that a highly influential but essentially
non-taxonomic journal such as Nature should meddle with something they
clearly do not understand as fully as they perhaps should...



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