Do we understand each other when we talking?

Vr. Richard Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at ANS.COM.AU
Sat Jun 22 09:15:03 CDT 2002

I like to know why English speaking countries has different pronunciation of
Latin names...  Do we understand each other when we talking on congresses?
What is correct?
Is there any entomology book / handbook/ encyclopaedia with pronunciation?

In 1957/58, I was on an expedition to Africa with Ed Ross (Cal. Acad.) to
collect insects and other critters.  While there, we met Pierre Basilewski,
whose schooling involved classic Latin and Greek.
At one point, he mentioned - and I will try to give his pronunciation as
best I can - the family KAY-RAM BEEKEE - DAY.  I recall that Ed and I looked
at one another as in, "What the hell is that?"
A few moments later, a long-horned beetle flew by and I caught it.
Basilewski said, "Ah, there is one!"
I grew up knowing them as SERAM - BISI - DEE, as I am sure most others in
North America have done.
So, as Freek Vrugtman said of pronunciation by Muntz, "It all depends on
where I am!"
Robin Leech

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