Piperaceae: Peperomia mystery

Guido at Guido at
Sat Jun 22 10:53:01 CDT 2002

Two specimens collected in Mexico by Ynes Mexia in December 1937 were
annotated By William Trelease with a new variety name
Mexia 8945: Peperomia acaponetae var. temiscoana
Mexia 8985: Peperomia mexiana var. pedunculata
The strange is not that neither of these variety names was ever published
but that there seems not to be a P. acaponetae nor a P. mexiana. One would
think that the need to distinguish a variety would come up after the
creation of a specific-level taxon. Or have I missed some obscure
publication (the 5 copies in a hidden library...:-) of these taxons?

Guido Mathieu,
Ghent University

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