pronouncing names (ae endings)

H.J. Walker hjwalker at UCSD.EDU
Sun Jun 23 13:56:34 CDT 2002

As expressed in a previous message, I also do not (now) believe in
correcting the pronunciation of my colleagues.  However, although there are
Latin rules pertaining to this subject, I think consistency and common
usage should also be considered.  Aside from the pronun of "Linnaeus" with
a long "a", I always hear colleagues pronounce the following with a long
"e": antennae, chaetognath, polychaete, alumnae, larvae.  But English
speaking people in the U.S. (no Latin training) when first exposed to these
words, would use a long "a", as they are taught in school whenever two
vowels are together, eg. teach, doe.

In addition the common thread for Latin pronun among colleagues is to use,
once again, the long second vowel sound, eg. Euglena, coelom.

H.J. Walker

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