pronouncing names (ae endings)

Jacques Melot jacques.melot at ISHOLF.IS
Sun Jun 23 20:42:20 CDT 2002

  Le 23/06/02, à 19:26 +0100, nous recevions de Lynn Raw :

>As far as I am aware, the Latin diphthong 'ae' is a single sound pronounced
>like the English seaman's 'Aye' or as we all usually pronounce 'eye' or  I
>as in 'I am' . All other Latin vowels are pronounced separately and,
>depending on their position in the word will have a long or short
>pronunciation. The letter 'c'  is pronounced like the letter 'k' in English
>rather than the 'ch' used in certain circumstances in Italian.
>Thus Linnaeus would be lin - eye -oos with the accent on the 'eye'.

    Linnaeus était Suédois, non Romain sujet de César ou contemporain
de Ciceron.

    La seule prononciation correcte de Linnaeus est la prononciation suédoise.

    Djävlar anamma!

    Jacques Melot

>The -ii
>ending is pronounced 'ee - ee' rather than 'ee - eye' and -ceae would be
>'kay- eye" or perhaps 'keh - eye'.
>I must admit that I don't always keep to these rules myself as old habits
>tend to linger. The following link gives recommended Latin pronunciations
>for scientific names: but as you
>will see from the above, I don't accept it as necessarily correct.
>Any good Latin-English dictionary will usually give you a guide to
>pronouncing Latin as well as an explanation of Latin grammar.
>Lynn Raw

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