pronouncing names (ae endings)

Heike Vibrans heike at COLPOS.COLPOS.MX
Mon Jun 24 00:21:09 CDT 2002

>It's a moot point anyway, as I think for most people it
>would be just as
>easy to try to speak through their noses as it would to
>learn a whole new
>way of pronouncing these names, so it isn't worth the
>trouble of correcting
>people as long as you know what they are saying.

That, of course, is the problem. People who do not speak
English as their first language often have serious
problems knowing what is said. I don't think my English is
all that bad, but I often don't understand what my
anglo-saxon collegues are talking about, even have to ask
them to spell the word, and I have a real hard time
finding a pronunciation for scientific names that they
will understand.

Asi es la vida.


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