pronouncing names (ae endings)

Roger Burks rogerburks at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jun 24 07:27:04 CDT 2002

Three? I can think of two valid systems of Latin pronounciation, one of
which I mentioned here: classical Latin according to modern linguists. The
other is Ecclesiastical Latin. Any third alternative is surely one of those
arbitrary systems that I was dismissing because nobody can agree on how it
is supposed to be done (ie: "the way the scientists do it" which isn't a
system at all because it is entirely arbitrary). Unless you are greatly
mistaken about what I was trying to say, which seems likely, I don't think
your statements make sense. I'm not sure why you are talking about UK
English, Mandarin, etc., when that has little to do with the subject, and
we won't "skip Latin," if you please, because there is no reason to skip
it. Accents are another thing, but they do not by themselves render a word
unintelligible. Correct pronounciation and stressing overcomes that.

Roger Burks

At 05:44 AM 6/24/02 -0600, you wrote:
>You jest, sir!
>Now, which Latin pronunciation rules are you to follow?  There are at least
>3 to my knowledge.  OK, so we skip Latin.  There is no uniform pronunciation
>within any one language that will "fill the bill".  This is the reason for
>Mandarin Chinese - so that those of one part of the country can understand
>UK English?  Don't make me laugh.  US or Canadian English?  Unless you are a
>"military brat", I can tell what part of the country you come from by your
>accent.  And accent is the key here!
>You cannot guess my pronunciation by my written word of an animal or plant
>family's scientific name, but you know the word when you see it.  If you are
>in a group with me, and you do not understand my pronunciation of a family
>or other name, you can ask me or others in the group.
>"Comfortable scientists" in Mexico, USA and Canada might each (one and all)
>pronounce the same scientific name in three or more ways.  I might be
>pronouncing a scientific name according to a set of international rules, but
>because of my accent, you cannot pick up on the name when you hear me speak
>Robin Leech

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