pronouncing names (ae endings)

Sean Edwards mzfses at MAIL1.MCC.AC.UK
Mon Jun 24 15:32:49 CDT 2002

Some years ago I prepared a single sheet (two-sided) hand-out for
students, entitled:
           Botanical Pronunciation -- Eleven Rough Guides
The idea was to bridge the gap between Reformed Academic
pronunciation (which would leave most Brits confused) and
Gardeners' Gaffs, so that students felt they could speak botany
withough making fools of themselves.

It covers many of the points in the present TAXACOM discussion,
but is very condensed.

I'm afraid (of course) that the guide is "British" English botany, but
if anybody is interested I can send it as an Acrobat attachment
(115 kb) (plus optional associated cartoon).


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