PROPOSAL: -acea; -aceae; -aceous

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 26 16:14:50 CDT 2002

David and Nico,
     Many people are always going to elide (or completely contract)
syllables together (that's to be expected).   All that I am proposing is
that we use a "sh" sound instead of "s" (when "ce" is followed by a vowel):
  as in   Cre-TAY-shus

     It is not like I am asking you to start speaking Esperanto.  If
everyone takes small steps towards each other's pronunciation, communication
would be improved in the long run.  And I think this is particularly
important for family names (and their -idae and -aceae endings).
         ------ Cheers,  Ken

>From: Nico Cellinese <ncellinese at FMNH.ORG>
>Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: -acea; -aceae; -aceous
>Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 10:08:11 -0500
>On Wed, 26 Jun 2002 22:55:21 +1200, David Orlovich
><David.Orlovich at BOTANY.OTAGO.AC.NZ> wrote:
> >you guys can discuss this ad nauseum, but I'm always going to say
> >Myrtaceae as Mer-tay-see till the day I die - 'cause basically it sounds
> >weird to me any other way ... and at conferences I can laugh at those
> >strange Europeans who say North-o-far-goos, and they can laugh at me
> >when I say Noth-a-fay-gus ... what's it matter?  The French don't spread
> >vegemite on croissants in the pursuit of cultural uniformity just as I
> >don't toast croissants to spread my vege... oh hang on, yes I do ... oh
> >well.
> >
> >Cheers, David Orlovich.
>I agree!!  I, too, will always say Myrtaceae as Mer-tay-see till the day I
>die, so you are not going to laugh at me...but I guess the Europeans might!
>And I will respond if someone calls me Sellinese.  Who cares if it's wrong!
> the's "ad nauseam"...but then again...!

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