PROPOSAL: -acea; -aceae; -aceous

Nico Cellinese ncellinese at FMNH.ORG
Wed Jun 26 11:58:41 CDT 2002

>David and Nico,
>     Many people are always going to elide (or completely contract)
>syllables together (that's to be expected).   All that I am proposing is
>that we use a "sh" sound instead of "s" (when "ce" is followed by a vowel):
>          Mer-TAY-shee
>  as in   Cre-TAY-shus
>     It is not like I am asking you to start speaking Esperanto.  If
>everyone takes small steps towards each other's pronunciation, communication
>would be improved in the long run.  And I think this is particularly
>important for family names (and their -idae and -aceae endings).
>         ------ Cheers,  Ken

Ken, communication will improve in the long run when my English will improve.  It is easier for me to stick to the English phonetics than for all of us
to get into a Babel tower and follow some nonsense rules.  Read Latin as you speak, we will understand each other.  I must admit though, your
creativity amazes me.


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