"fide" in authorship

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Wed Jun 26 15:42:31 CDT 2002

Thanks to those who pointed out my mis-use of "Ex" -- I apparently had it
confused with "apud", at least in botanical contexts (and also used it
backwards).  Of particular use was the link to:
http://fp.bio.utk.edu/mycology/Nomenclature/nom-conv.htm (forwarded to me by
Dick Moe).

Does sanyone know of a similar site applying to zoological names?  Are the
botanical uses as described on this page consistent with Zoological uses?
I've always been under the impression that "Ex" in the authorship of
zoological names was used in the same way that "apud" is described in the
above web page link. Is this a "Code Warrior" question, or a "standard use"


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