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>My understanding of at least one use of the term in biological contexts is
>with the meaning: "as reported by".  For instance, in a bird observations
>database that I help manage, there are many cases where the observers
>would be listed as something like "Smith fide Jones", meaning that Smith
>saw the bird, but Jones was the one who reported that Smith saw the bird.

Yes, exactly.  The meaning is the same.  You're taking it on faith from
Jones that Smith indeed saw it.

>In the context of taxon name authorship, I wonder if it wasn't meant to be
>used in te same way that "ex" is often used (as in cases where the formal
>publishing authors are basing their description on the data/work of
>another non-author).

Well, maybe, but "ex" has such a long history of use, I'm not sure why
someone would vary from it at so late a date.

>My question is, are there any formalized taxon name authorship qualifiers
>besides the "in" and "ex" qualifiers, that I should be aware of?  For
>example, is "fide" something different from "ex"?

in and ex are the only two sanctioned by the ICBN, I believe.  "Emend." has
sometimes been used, e.g., Planta L. emend. Johnson, meaning Johnson
seriously emended Linnaeus circumscription of the genus Planta.  But under
the type method, circumscription isn'yt so important and I think few
authors these days bother tagging on such a note.  Face it, many many
genera are seriously altered in circumscription from their  original

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