Wandering refugium - was Re: dispersal fantasy

Adolf Ceska aceska at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Thu Jun 27 09:38:53 CDT 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Robin Leech wrote:

> I called it a "wandering refugium".  This is a term now widely used to cover
> the problem of conflicting evidences from these different disciplines.


I don't want to put down your contribution to the biogeographic
terminology, but I seem to remember a German term "Wanderrelikt" for the
species that survived the glaciation in - what you call - "wandering
refugia." I don't have Walter & Straka's "Arealkunde" but I am almost sure
that you can find the "Wanderrelikt" there.


Adolf Ceska, Victoria, B.C., Canada

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