Mexican cloud forest and track analysis

John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Thu Jun 27 18:17:45 CDT 2002

For those interested in the geography of life I draw your attention to the 
following paper:

Isolda Luna Vega and Othón Alcántara Ayala. 2002. Placing the Mexican cloud 
forests in a global context: a track analysis based on vascular plant 
genera. Biogeographica 78:1-14.

Abstract. The geographic distribution of 18 genera of vascular plants with 
different life histories and dispersal syndromes distributed in the Mexican 
cloud forests was analysed, applying a panbiogeographic approach and 
contrasted with dispersalists viewpoints. Seas and straits in eastern Asia 
and the Pacific basin were used to identify major patterns of distribution. 
Three generalized tracks and seven nodes are suggested based on this 
analysis. The generalized tracks coincide with others recognised in 
previous studies, and nodes with centres of diversification for other plant 
and animal taxa.

John Grehan

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