Basionym/Protologue -- One more question

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Sat Jun 29 12:23:01 CDT 2002

> No, the protologue is the publication that establishes the basionym. The
> author of the basionym may draw upon prior sources, and the author and
> others may emend the circumscription of the basionym at a later date, but
> there is only one protologue.

O.K., so if, suppose, the name first appears in one publication, and then
the diagnosis is supplied by a later publication, then do I understand
correctly that the latter represents both the source of the Basionym *and*
the complete Protologue (with its associated authorship), with the former
publication not constituting any part of either the Basionym or the
Protologue?  Same question applies to a case where an earlier publication
asserts a diagnosis for something along the lines of "the western population
of GenusX speciesY", and a latter publication assigns the new name "GenusX
speciesQ" with reference to the earlier-pubished diagnosis, then the latte
publication contitutes the *entire* Protologue of "GenusX speciesQ", as well
as the source (and authorship) of its Basionym?

Thanks for helping to clarify....


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