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Torbjörn Tyler Torbjorn.Tyler at SYSBOT.LU.SE
Thu Mar 7 12:40:58 CST 2002

Department of Ecology, Lund University, Sweden
Reference number: 1245

Starting date: as soon as possible 

Further information from Ursula Falkengren-Grerup (tel: +46 46 2224408; e-mail Ursula.Falkengren-Grerup at planteco.lu.se) or Honor C. Prentice (tel: +46 46 2228971; e-mail Honor.Prentice at sysbot.lu.se)

We are in the process of building a new group within the Department of Ecology in Lund which will strengthen the status of plant ecology and systematics in Lund. As part of this initiative, we are now advertising for a research associate ("forskarassistent").

The research interests of our new group are summarized by the following key words:  biodiversity (genes, species and landscapes); conservation biology and management; forest ecology and forest health; functional diversity and ecophysiology; gene flow, hybridization and speciation; plant-soil interactions; quantitative and conservation genetics; phylogeography; plant systematics; polyploid evolution; population biology; reproductive ecology; soil acidification and eutrophication; urban ecology. 

For further information see http://www.planteco.lu.se/ and http://www.sysbot.lu.se/.

We welcome applications from researchers (both women and men) who have recently (during the last five years) completed their PhD within any of the above areas of research, or within other, related research topics within plant ecology or systematics. We particularly wish to encourage applications from researchers who are working on the interface between plant evolutionary biology and plant ecology.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in Plant Ecology, Systematic Botany or a related subject.

The main duty of the Research Associate will be to carry out research within plant ecology/systematic botany. The duties of the position also include (up to 20%) undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and a certain amount of administration.

The position will be funded for 2+2 years (the second two years' funding will be awarded after an evaluation of the first two years’ work).

The application should be in English, include the reference number 1245 and the following documents:
1 A concise summary of the applicant's scientific and pedagogical experience, together with a plan of the research that the applicant proposes to carry out during the next few years. This document should be signed by the applicant. 
2 A signed and witnessed curriculum vitae, together with witnessed copies of exam certificates 
3 A publication list 
4 Copies of those scientific publications that the applicant wishes to submit in support of the application

The application, including all the documents listed under points 1-4 above, should be submitted in two copies to The Registrar, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Lund University, Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden by 10 April 2002.


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